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ISecurePayments Paypal Square Amazon
Swiped Transactions 2.3% 2.7% 2.75% 2.5%
Manually Keyed 2.79% + 15¢ 3.5% + 15¢ 3.5% + 15¢ 2.99%

Rates as of May 31,2015

Seamless Way to Start Business

Seamless Way to Start Business

Starting Business with isecurepayments is at ease.Firstly register for Merchant Account, After getting Approval You can have complete control on any and every of your business.

Mutiple Payment Processing

Mutiple Payment Processing

Using distinctive cards like VISA,MASTER CARD,DISCOVER,DINERS CLUB,AMERICAN EXPRESS and ECHECKS making Payments are trouble-free regardless what your business size maybe!

Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Online marketing has many approaches and have different marketing tools.Our gateway provides best tools depending on you and your organisation with great discounts and promotions

Payment Gateway Integrated With Business Solutions.

Why iSecurePayments?

You need a solution to set up payments to lots of customers that is accessible and secure for your business. We’ll find the right way to suit you and your business. We know that every merchant account is different, which is why we provide credit card processing solutions that can be tailored to your business need. You can be confident that iSecure Payments has the experience necessary to provide your business with the unique solution it needs to succeed. So no matter what type of business you’re in, rest assured that iSecure Payments has a perfect payments processing solution. It is fast, secure and easy online credit card payment to your customers with an online merchant account. We offer the best support to help service businesses process payments safely and efficiently. Easy way you can add new payment facilities as you gain.

Explore the world at one place

Isecure Payments is the best way to accept credit card payments on websites and in mobile apps. Our API's are capable enough to support almost any payment practice,Isecure Payments takes care of the heavy pick up, from security to daily deposits to your account. Our gateway powers, payments for Many number of businesses of every size.

iSecure Payments Mobile API

Unexcelled Features and Benifits

Fast, secure and easy online credit card payment to your customers with an online merchant account.

Our SSL certificates offer strong SHA-2 and 128-bit encryption. A Standard SSL takes just a few minutes to resolve any issue. Protect all sensitive data processing through the website.

Provides the expertise and experience to aggressive address this challenge and helps you elevate your payments and solutions.

This way, we can make sure that your account is created by sending an email confirmation

You can easily setup recurring billing and ongoing transactions are easy way to bill monthly and yearly wise payments.

Graphs or charts help you to understand data quickly when you want to make comparison, show a relationship, or highlight a trend. Point the way to unparalleled online reporting for credit card processing and merchant account.

Stopping various types of frauds over the internet. Increase your ability to detect and prevent fraud with your relevant data.

Setting of payment transaction is uncomplicated to determine whether the transaction has been processed or not and the risk of a duplicate is least possible.